How Turkey Became the Global Capital of Hair Transplants in 2022

In this article, we’ll examine the cost of hair transplants in Turkey and the quality of Turkish hair transplants and the competition between hair clinics. We will also talk about the need to perform hair transplants for Syrian refugees as well as the competitive nature of the Turkish hair transplant industry.

Turkey prices for hair transplants

Prices for hair transplants within Turkey vary, depending on the procedure employed and the number grafts required. As the number of grafts increase, the cost per graft will decrease. A single session of FUE surgery is approximately $1750, and a number of sessions might be required to get the desired results. The number of grafts needed and the experience and expertise of the surgeon will determine the final cost.

The costs for hair transplants in Turkey are significantly lower than the prices in the US, the UK or Europe. This is largely due to the fact that Turkey is a manufacturing hub for the country, which helps cut down on shipping, logistics and customs fees. Turkey’s lower health care costs can also be attributed to this. Turkish medical centers also benefit from higher salaries and lower costs.

High-quality Turkish hair transplants

The hair transplant clinics in Turkey are well-known for their high-end quality and reasonable prices. vary according to the procedure, clinic and surgeon. A hair transplant that is 1000 grafts Turkey costs about $1700 and a 5000-graft process is about $6000. While costs will differ, hair transplant Turkey costs will be much less than in the United States.

Even though prices have increased, Turkey is still a excellent place to obtain hair transplants. Turkey has a well-developed health infrastructure as well as a booming medical tourism. It is now affordable for many cosmetic procedures, like hair transplants.

Turkish hair transplant clinics are competing

The Turkish hair transplant industry has seen growth in recent years due to its lower price and better knowledge. However, the competition between clinics has also prompted some to reduce costs by hiring employees with no experience or expertise of hair transplant surgery. This has only resulted in an increase in the number of unqualified doctors in the field.

Turkey is a well-known destination for hair transplants. Turkey is home to some of the most advanced hair transplant centers in the world. They use the most up-to-date techniques for hair transplant surgery. FUE (Follicular unit extraction) is a cutting-edge technique that allows surgeons the ability to remove hairs in a single unit. The procedure is painless, and almost painless due to the fact that the donor area is anesthetized.

Turkey offers hair transplants to Syrian refugees.

Turkish hair transplant clinics have an enormous demand and are growing at a rapid rate. Clinics are popping up like rabbits in Istanbul as a result. Clinic Expert, Turkey’s largest hair transplant clinic, says that competition has led some clinics to hire less qualified staff to lower costs.

These clinics are renowned for providing poor quality hair transplant procedures. They profit from the influx of Turkey of Syrian refugees seeking hair transplant procedures. Many of these clinics employ Syrian refugees who are willing to live with substandard treatment to support their families. Many clinics also cover private airport transfers and hotel accommodations. This is an excellent way to reduce expenses, but it comes with some drawbacks.