Energy Efficiency Technologies and Aluminum Production

Technology is defined as the process of designing, developing, implementing, testing, and using technologies. This word is also often shortened to “TT”. In many fields, technology tends to refer specifically to the application of scientific information in a particular practical context. Examples include medicine, engineering, and computer science. A major component of the technology is … Read more

Understanding The Development History Of Technology

Technology is a collection of human knowledge applied to the study of technology. It includes the application of technology in human activities and also the accumulation of new information and its use in current activities. In its broadest sense technology can be said to cover a wide range of activities having to do with communication, … Read more

Technology and Applied Science: Two Approaches to the Study of Technological Change

When it comes to business and the economy, technology is king. Not only does technology directly affect business decisions and the economy, but technology drives social decision-making and societal capital. Technology in society and business therefore drives technology. In this article we will discuss the relationship between technology and aluminum. Technological systems are those which … Read more