Politics – A Study in Chaos

Politics is a human endeavor that has been shaped by history since its beginning. In its most fundamental form politics is defined by the fact that individuals interact to decide how their political institutions will be ruled by a society. In much the same way that individuals decide on the rules for their households and … Read more

Politics, Trading Power, and Metals Ar arbitrages

Politics is one of the many hot topics in the news today. Is there really a secret in politics? Is there really anything that you can learn about politics from watching it? Politics is a subject that seems to drive people crazy. Is there really a secret in politics? Well, the answer is no. But … Read more

Tariffs Hit North American Industry

In today’s world politics is the word, but for many Americans it is still a dirty word. Barack Obama and his political campaign of ‘hope and change’ has been criticized for being too ‘divisive.’ The debates between the Democrats and Republicans on energy, health care and foreign affairs have only added to the rancor. “In … Read more