Oral Implants Abroad : The Cheapest Countries to possess Dental Implants

While having dental implants in another country is a great idea for a variety of reasons, it’s crucial to be cautious before choosing a country. A lot of countries have regulations that cover all aspects of healthcare, including dental procedures. Others treat dentistry as an individual unit and don’t regulate dental procedures. In teeth reconstruction overseas rates , it is important to familiarize yourself with the health regulations and your legal rights. Also, think about the experience and expertise of the clinic.

Puerto Rica

Dental tourism in Costa Rica is popular with travelers from the United States, Canada and Western Europe, but the cost of dental procedures isn’t all you need to take into consideration. When selecting the location to have your procedure performed you should consider the following factors: a lower salary, lower personnel costs, and a lower medical malpractice insurance.

Although dental implants are the most expensive option to replace a missing tooth, they are the most durable and long-lasting solution. The cost of dental implants in Costa Rica is approximately half of the cost in the United States, with the average cost being around $800 per implant. Bridges are also an alternative for patients with smaller budgets.


Implants in the dental field abroad are an excellent option to save money on dental procedures. Implants are more stable than dentures and don’t cause harm to the surrounding teeth. Implants placed abroad can help you save money on the procedure, but you have to make at least two trips to Spain for implants.

The country is a well-known tourist destination. Spain has more than 80 million visitors from abroad in 2017. Many prefer to travel to Madrid or Barcelona while others prefer the beaches or golf courses. Whatever the reason for your visit to the country, there are many options for affordable dental treatment. You may be shocked to discover that dental care in Spain is significantly less expensive than your country’s.


Thailand is a popular choice for those who would like to have dental implants in a different country. In addition to having affordable prices, Thailand offers a high standard of dental treatment. The majority of Thai dental clinics are equipped with most advanced technology and boast highly competent dentists. Clinics in Thailand can live at a low cost, which allows them to keep overhead costs to a minimum. Therefore, they can offer more services for less.

The Thai dental clinics are equipped with modern technology and equipment as well as dentists who speak English. The procedure of dental in Thailand is often cheaper than in the US, UK and Australasia. In addition, Thailand is home to many dental clinics that cater to dental tourists.


Implants in foreign countries can be extremely expensive. It’s not enough to save money on dental implants. You also need to reduce operating expenses. This can be achieved by selecting a Turkish dental clinic that provides top-quality dental services for affordable prices. It is recommended to evaluate the prices of various clinics prior to making a final decision.

Modern Turkish dental clinics employ the latest technology. Patients aren’t afflicted with any discomfort during the procedure. You can also enjoy free X-rays and 3-D tomography which allows dentists to examine your teeth with great detail.