Hair Transplants In Turkey- What You Should Know

target areas of the head where hair growth has been reduced or disappeared. In most cases, hair transplants result in hair regrowth in three to four months time. The transplanted hair will not have the same look as that of natural hair because it will be very thin and contain no pigment. This makes the hair appear thicker. However, hair transplants have also been used to treat other conditions, such as alopecia areata, and to promote hair growth on areas of the body with minimal hair production, such as women after pregnancy or men with small patches of baldness on the crown.

Hair transplants in Turkey are usually performed by a dermatological surgeon (docteur), who is a doctor that specializes in treating skin disorders and repairing damaged tissue. There are different types of hair transplants, and each one has its own procedure and recovery period. The basic procedure is the same whether you’re having hair transplants for one part of your body or an entire scalp. Your doctor will examine you and take hair samples before doing the transplant. He will probably want to perform a biopsy to make sure that the transplanted hair will not cause an adverse reaction in any of your organs, such as the liver or the kidneys.

Different types of hair transplants require different procedures. Layers of hair follicles are taken from your own head and grafted into the affected areas. The layers are actually the exact same depth from the same donor; however, different amounts of hair follicles are used in each graft. If a lollipop pattern is desired, a single hair follicle will be cut and implanted in the hole. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on your doctor and the extent of the surgery in Turkey.

For men and women suffering from male or female pattern balding, a hair transplant procedure in Turkey can help them regain their confidence and re-grow thick hair. It is possible to have more than one hair transplant. Your doctor will talk to you about how many hair transplants will be best for your thinning situation and how soon you will need to begin treatment.

As with any medical procedure, you should carefully research all of your surgeons’ credentials and trainings before you agree to have anything done in Turkey. Many hair transplants are covered by Medicare, which means that your health insurance will pay for at least a portion of the cost. If you have insurance, ask your provider if it covers the cost of these transplants. You also need to ask the doctors who perform these operations how they obtain their hair transplant materials and whether they use conventional or non-conventional methods of harvesting the hairs. Find out if the doctor works with a reputable company. Plastic surgeons who work with eco-friendly or recycled materials are often more conscientious than those who work with conventional materials.

Hair transplants are a great way to improve the look and feel of your scalp. If you are thinking about this procedure, take the time to learn more about it. Be sure you understand all of the details, including the risks. Talk to your doctor in Turkey and ask him or her about the success rates. Decide if you feel you can trust the person who is performing the procedure. Once you understand all of the details and are comfortable with the proposed procedure, hair transplants may be something you could consider. Do not automatically go for the cheapest hair transplant price when you are in Turkey!