Best Websites to Find Hair Transplants in Turkey in 2022

The number of hair transplants carried out in Turkey is expected increase by an astounding amount in 2022. It is nevertheless important to do your research before you travel to Turkey and determine which clinic to choose. Before you do that, look up the credentials of each clinic and the results of previous patients. It is also recommended to book your flights in advance. Many clinics offer packages that include flights tickets.


Bookimed is the best site to find an Turkish hair transplant. It assists you in finding the best surgeons and clinics to meet your requirements. Bookimed’s medical advisor can assist you in selecting the best clinic for your procedure and schedule your appointment. The coordinator can also assist you to determine if you need a visa to enter Turkey.

Bookimed offers a wide selection of hair transplant packages. Each package includes a complete list of services you can anticipate. Bookimed also provides additional arrangements which can make the procedure less expensive. In some instances, the prices are fixed no matter the number of grafts you’ll require.

Istanbul has over 350 hair transplant clinics. The competition is fierce. A lot of these facilities offer all-inclusive treatments which allows patients from abroad to save money and enjoy a full range of services.

Book asurgery

Bookasurgery is an online directory that lists the most reputable Turkish hair transplant clinics. The website offers reviews from patients who have undergone hair transplant procedures. These reviews can help you determine whether a clinic is the right choice for your requirements and budget. It also includes helpful tips to choose the best surgeon.

Turkey is a low-cost country for hair transplants. The minimum wage in Turkey is less than in the majority of countries and the cost of living is lower. This means that medical bills are less. Turkey has more than 1500 board-certified surgeons and 30 hospitals that are accredited.

Before deciding to get hair transplants in Turkey, you must choose an institution whose surgeon is highly evaluated and has a great reputation. This is essential because the more experienced the doctor is, the lower the risk. You are also able to read reviews from patients to determine whether the doctor is able to meet your expectations.

The first signs of hair transplantation will appear six to twelve months after the procedure. If the hair doesn’t get thick enough, the procedure may need to be repeated. The clinic has a box office that accepts cash payments. They don’t have to pay for a deposit. The clinics will bill the patient after the surgery.

Many doctors in Turkey offer hair transplantation. The cost of this procedure varies widely, so it is recommended to research different clinics and doctors prior to making the decision. The cost of the procedure will depend on the size and texture of the hair. For instance larger areas will require more transplants.

The costs of hair transplants in Turkey are around 70% lower than the UK. The price varies depending on the clinic and surgeon you choose. will include a 4-night stay at a 5-star hotel, the top graft extraction treatment as well as all products for after-care.